If you are reading this then you probably hity up the “First” link in the nav, or spent a lot of time with the previous link.  Welcome to RnR Comics!  I originally created this comic to be a companion for the Podcast that we do over on RetroNick.com, but as you can tell it’s grown into something quite a bit more.

True, some of the jokes you may run across may seem a bit on the inside as we have had a lot of time around each other.  Most of the other humor just comes from doing what we all do, which is hang out and have fun.  So we invite you to do the same!  Hang out, have fun!

Introducing RnR the Comic! After bugging Nick since forever, to DRAW a web comic, Steve has taken the matter into his own hands and created his own photo comic for RetroNick.com!. Not certain what the frequency of these things is going to be yet, but I’m sure we’ll lock down some sort of schedule.