Fantasy Football

This joke started as something that I was just going to tweet out into the ether, but I realized that it would be amazing as an actual comic.  Thanks to the guys at work for 1: letting me use their board, and 2: for participating.  It was quite an adventure putting in all of the various hero names.  Which is why I went with a full frame for this.

This is also an homage to XKCD and all of the “My Favorite Hobby” jokes he does there.


Holy Carp, we have a merch store!

Check out that button on the menu bar, or CLICK HERE! Did you see the latest designs in our store?  We are working day and night to come up with new and creative designs.  Or at least New designs.  Well, to be honest, some of them aren’t new.  Oh jeez, would you just look at our stuff?

I am Root!


The standard battle cry from every SysAdmin.
When Guardians of the Galaxy became a huge phenomenon, I could only imagine Groot hunched over a system saying “I am ROOT!”
Something a little closer to home.  When I became a Photographer I always thought I would travel around and take amazing pictures of different countries.  Instead I take selfies and weird pictures of my friends.
Root-T Photog-T

Also If you are in the area, I highly suggest you come find me at these….


Below are some places you may be able to find me:

  • ShatterdomeCon – November 7-9, 2014
    • Guest/Artist/Attendee/Photographer

If you know of any other events you would like me to appear at, please let me know!  Check the side bar for my twitter, or just leave a comment anywhere on the site!  I’ll probably see it at some point.