I haven’t posted much on the faceyspaces or the tweety pages, but the last few weeks have been rough.  On top of Sarah’s accident a while back, my car also decided to go tits up.  My local Mechanic (who is awesome) had to replace the Alternator, O2 sensor, Spark plug wires (something chewed them) as well as a number of other small wires.  Sadly, the car isn’t even done.  We are still waiting on another sensor.  Since I couldn’t be without a car, I decided to grab one of the ones we were looking at for Sarah, but skipped for her since it wasn’t what she was looking for.

The new one is a 2009 MINI Clubman. (I do love my MINI’s).  While it’s not a Convertible, it does have a huge sunroof, which works better for the weather here, and I finally have lots of cargo space!  You can expect to see this one in future stuff (Since I can actually take pictures inside it now, as there is room).


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