James is the puppet master that controls the dulcet fools who refer to him as co-host. Hailing from the great North(ern Virginia) his mad quest for power first came into being through the bloody game of Pong for the Atari 2600. From there he conquered the Sega Master System…at his best friends house…don’t laugh, that guy had all the shit for that thing. 3D glasses? Yup! The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) fell before his hateful might, if for no other reason than to stop that impudent Duck Hunt dogs mocking laughter.

In the Great Console War of the 90’s he rode atop a mighty second generation Genesis, armored by Sega CD’s and 32X and slew many a SNES foot soldier with the might of Blast Processing alone! Eventually he bought himself a CD player that happened to say Playstation on the box. This did confuse and anger James, so a week after 9-9-99 he purchased a Dreamcast and never looked back!

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Twitter: @blockedpunch