Soooooo…  hows the new site treating you?  Good?  Cool!

I thought I would take a moment to point out a few things and ask a few questions and such.

So you may notice down below this post there are a few little banners (and one big one) for some places that we show up!  There are a number of webcomic listing out there on the web and I wanted to make sure we showed up in all of them.  Some of them actually do ratings based on the clicks, so if you feel the urge to vote for us, please click away!

The large banner is to a place called Comic-Rocket which I HIGHLY recommend as a kind of RSS reader for all your webcomic needs.   You can subscribe to all of your various comics and it will tell you when they are updated (including us!)

Which brings me to another point.  Updating twice a week is really the sweet spot for us and the comic.  Getting folks together to take the pictures and working with James on the scripts for them works well with 2 strips a week.  BUT…. they don’t always have to just be Tues and Thurs.  Back when I started I picked those two days as fill in days since a lot of comics I read update 3 times a week on M-W-F.  I figured that the T-Th schedule would fit nicely in that mold.  The downside being that once the strip goes on Thursday, there isn’t another update for 5 days!

So I put it to you, our dear readers.  If I am only updating 2 days out of the week, which days would you like to see?  Please leave a comment with your vote.