Steve, aka Wizzer, is a gaming veteran. His first introduction to gaming came care of an only IBM 8088 desktop computer system, owned by a friend (hey, those things were expensive). Sticking primarily to PC based games and dabbling in the occasional console here and there. For a brief stint in the late 1990’s it was possible to listen to Wizzer on the old Team (Tribes) Sportscast Network (TSN), as an announcer of various FPS tournament games, many of which he competed in as well. Around 2004 Steve made the switch to serious console gaming with the first XBOX system. Since then you can usually find him on XBOX Live under the gamertag Wizzer2801.

Gaming interests: Solid Story. be it FPS or RPG, It has to have a good story

Non gaming interests: Billiards, Photography, Gadgets

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Twitter: @Wizzer2801